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Have you wondered how to find Collateral Beauty in times like the ones we are living today?


During this time of uncertainty due the scale and level of this global scenario and the impact it is having in each corner in our entire planet is with no doubt overwhelming and forcing us to completely stop and genuinely care. It is our responsibility to remind ourselves that caring makes the total difference. Changes will always represent challenges and we believe in the power of determined people working together to overcome challenges


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The emergence of Covid-19  has generated questions and concerns around planning travel to Cabo when the virus is still present and official government travel advice continues to change.  As a highly personalized and experience-driven company, Naay Travel supports all clients by helping you make the best possible decisions around your vacation plans.  Every client’s situation brings different concerns and questions, and so, we always make recommendations based on our clients profile.

Below we give some general guidelines of how we are managing the Covid-19 situation:

  • We closely monitor and manage this situation as it evolves; we receive daily updates from our local government and carefully review the news and official changes in travel advice.

  • Should official travel advice recommend against travel, we will work actively with you to reschedule your itinerary. Naay Travel will have a personal contact to speak with about your plans and is available 24/7 while you are travelling and are always available to speak about any concerns or questions you may have, regardless of when you may be travelling.

  • Our primary priority is the health, well being and happiness of our clients and staff, and we will continue to take any action necessary to support those travelling with us as fully as possible.


What if the government closes the borders and advise against non essential travel?

We thrive in every client and every itinerary being unique and will therefore review each case individually to agree on the most appropriate course of action to fit your personal circumstances and situation.

I'm traveling in the next four weeks, what is your advise?

The circumstances around Covid-19 are evolving on an hourly basis; at this point, our recommendation would be to continue to monitor the situation to ensure travel is safe at this stage; if however you would like to consider preemptively postponing your trip we would be happy to review the possibilities with you.

I want to plan a trip but i am worried about the uncertainty of around foreign travel while covid-19 is still around. What flexibility you offer in case i want or need to change plans?

Please find details on flexibility and booking with confidence here

What will Naay Travel be doing to look after my health and safety if i decide to travel?

Please find details of our health and safety compromise here


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