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Vacation Design

Updated: May 20, 2023


What is the difference between Plan and Design?

While both seek to find ways to make you look forward to your next vacation, they are different. Planning applies established procedures to solve general questions, like where to stay, when to go, how to find the right Cabo villa rental, what are the best restaurants.

Design inquires into the nature of your vacation, why are you traveling, who are you traveling with, beach front villa or ocean view, etc. to conceive a better understanding of the reasons for your next trip to Cabo.

Planning focuses on generating a plan, a series of executable actions, Design focuses on the outcome and every detail of your next Cabo experience.

When the hardest part of your vacation is where, how, when, what, who, why, planning alone is inadequate and design becomes essential.

Design provides a means to gain understanding of the desired experiences for your next vacation and insights towards achieving an unforgettable experience.

Often in the travel industry the essential information gathering is overlooked because it involves a lot of questions and conversation. However, this process helps us become informed rather than just opinionated.

The underlying premise is this: when we as experience designers achieve a deep level of understanding, through communication of your ideas and reasons to travel, we can exercise logic and intuition effectively. As a result, when we design your vacation, we focus on framing and executing your ideas rather than developing courses of action throughout your vacation to Cabo.

Just as you can never step in the same river twice, design is not something you do once and walk away. It’s an ongoing inquiry into the nature and the reasons of your travel and the various factors involved that can improve your experience. Constantly assessing the situation from a design perspective, helps us identify and effectively bring your ideas to life.

It is, of course, an easy question. Planning is Data. Design is Creativity. Planning is Left Brain. Design is Right Brain. Basically…they have completely different outcomes. 

As Experience Designers our creative process It’s sensory. It’s instinct. It’s observation. It’s competitive shopping. It’s research in the yarn and fabric market. It is drawing upon life experiences. All of which are Learning.

Maybe it’s more accurate to say we Feel than it is to say we Know.

And after Feeling, Don't you as experience designers Plan? No, We create. 

An expansive range of (activities) colors comes down to a specific (experience) palette. An array of (food) fabrics comes down to specific flavor and textures and aromas. Books and books of ideas whittle down to the important few. Walls full of graphic ideas are narrowed.

The planner sees a trend according to the popularity.

What do we as experience designers FEEL? Is the experience about connecting, learning, communicating, exploring? is it for friends, family, love partners? Chase the idea and develop it or take a step back and move on?

And then we Design + Create a full range of choices, uniquely and deliberately design only for you.

It's alchemy. It’s art + science. Left Brain + Right Brain.

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