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It’s easy to walk into your Cabo vacation rental, unpack and prepare yourself for the days to come. But the right way to start your beach holiday is so much more memorable than any picture. Walk into the scent of freshly made food ready for you to enjoy while you gaze into the amazing ocean views or the dramatic ocean and desert framed coastline of Los Cabos. These are the details that make your vacation unique . After all, it has been a long time since you last stepped on sand and smelled the salt of the ocean.  So, when we create your welcome home experience, we’ll bring every detail to life.

There is nothing that compares to be welcomed to your Cabo vacation rental with delicious food and drinks specially made for you and your guests to enjoy the minute you step into your vacation villa. Start relaxing and enjoying with the Welcome Home Experience by Naay. Our experienced Chef in Cabo is ready to elaborate and design your personalized menu and we will complement it with spectacular set ups in the privacy and comfort of your vacation villa, beach, yacht or anywhere you decide.

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