Design My Cabo Experience




That leads quickly to the question: what do you mean by that?

We think it’s important to understand what we mean when we say “Experience” in the context of the Design. Experience Design feels like a non-disciplined discipline, with the word “experience” being thrown around haphazardly and inserted into titles to capitalize on the “X” factor of abbreviation.

Our approach to designing for happiness is to provide people that travel to Los Cabos with more opportunities to engage in positive and meaningful, deliberately designed Cabo Experiences. Experiences, which owe their positivity and meaning to fulfilling fundamental psychological needs and their substance to situated practices, deliberately designed and shaped individually depending on each costumer profile.

The fusion of your dreams, your imagination, our passion and dedication in our services is what makes it Funforgettable!

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Indulge yourself in an intense and irresistible desire to come to Cabo paradise and make your vacation dream come true!

At Náay we make sure you live the destination at its fullest.

Enjoy the perfect Cabo villa rental, the nature architectural delights, the culinary experiences, the breathtaking adventures and much more. Everything will be carefully designed, created and executed through our custom-design travel journey personalized formula.

The Art of Making Dreams Come True


Time cannot be replaced that is why celebrating life through unique and tailor made everlasting experiences  and memories is our mission.

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