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At Naay we design Bespoke Experiences in Cabo, which owe their positivity and meaning to find a deeper meaning of travel, and  their substance to carefully, meticulously and deliberately designed experiences shaped individually, and inspired by your unique interests. 

With our vacation design services in Los Cabos we will help you enjoy every minute of your trip by so you can focus on what is important, create meaningful moments and enriching adventures designed with love. Endless Sunshine, sand, exiting land adventures, fantastic water activities,  local flavors and colors, are just some of the gifts that "Lands End" has to offer.

From private transportation, car rental, grocery shopping to stock your villa for the fun days ahead, arrange private chef, cooking lessons, reserve tee times, whale watching, swimming with whale sharks, explore the destination, book your in-villa spa treatment, decoration for that special day and everything in between.

You want it, we make it happen. 

An experience is “an episode, a chunk of time that one went through—with sights and sounds, feelings and thoughts, motives and actions closely knitted together, stored in memory, labeled, relived, and communicated to others. An experience is a story, emerging from the dialogue of a person with her or his world through action”


Any experience has an emotional thread , and it is this affectivity which relates experiences to happiness.

Experience design is about creating opportunities and here at Náay Travel we create opportunities to connect, to imagine, to communicate, to learn, to delight.

Stargazing Experience By Naay Travel.web

Our approach to design experiences is to provide people that travel to Los Cabos with mesmerizing opportunities to engage in positive and meaningful,  designed moments


Planning to visit Los Cabos soon or ever wondered what have you missed out on your previous trips?


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