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Travel In The Time Of Covid

Updated: May 20, 2023

Travel is one of the activities that we miss the most, just thinking about it re energizes us, makes us thrive and boosts our happiness. As we continue to travel, we look for togetherness, to connect in a more personal, meaningful way, centered on family and friends and experiences close to our heart.

The desire to travel has never been more tangible as we have been reminded to slow down, step away from run of the mill activities and crowds and look for more meaningful and unique experiences, to experience the destination and soak it all in, appreciate every landscape.

We considered how we can make up for the trips you have missed out on. Naturally, we are going to be offering jaw-dropping encounters and experiences. The stuff you’ve always wanted to do.

What we’ve realized is that travel needs to be both flawless and familiar.

You want to return to places you know and places you love. And even want to find comfort, a touch of the known, in places that are new. A moment recalled is an experience, a feeling, regained.

We create experiences that are socially distant by design, like setting up glamping in the middle of the desert or sailing to a private island.

Given the hardships of the last year, many of us are desperate to reconnect with our loved ones in exceptional and meaningful ways. Isolation and separation have been taking a toll on all of us. But now, that means we’ll be setting off on multigenerational experiences, adventures and family getaways, forging togetherness and new traditions. And what better way to do this than booking an amazing villa in Cabo, Villas in Cabo provide a safe, well equipped space, where you can gather with family and friends or work or study from your "home away from home" during your stay and it makes it easier than ever to create the perfect ‘bubble’ getaway, steering clear of crowds, and creating a nest into which you can settle down.

After all of the hardship and difficulties this past year, now is the perfect time to experience Cabo in a very different way. Less busy, less crowded, with iconic sights revealed in all their magnificence. So now is the time to return, with fresh eyes and open arms . Everything is new.

While the idea of travelling again is exciting, Covid has added significantly more drawbacks and complications to the planning process. It can be quite overwhelming. It’s why so many travelers are turning away from big booking sites and requesting the care and attention of destination experts, like us. Here in Naay Travel, we are experts, we know our stuff, the destination, the inspiration and how to create long lasting life experiences.

Our wheels are always turning to create meaningful experiences that echoes with our clients needs and desires, unique experiences in Cabo that will be remember forever, and shared throughout generations. This is what it means to design your experience.

We understand that each trip you make is intertwined with a dream so lets talk and design an experience you can look forward to.

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